Are you interested in exploring the possibility of being a recognised pioneer or are you are in a New Monastic community looking to join with us? 

We are a very new Society, and we are therefore just beginning to find our way. We are open to new pioneers and communities to consider getting involved, but it will not be a quick thing, as discernment is always important.  If you are interested in enquiring into exploring getting involved in the Society, then please do email us here

Ian Mobsby (Acting Guardian of the Society of the Holy Trinity) is the first person to talk to about becoming involved and is happy to answer questions about the vision and Rhythm of Life of the Society of the Holy Trinity.

Ned Lunn (Acting Secretary of the Society of the Holy Trinity) is happy to answer any specific questions about how the Society of the Holy Trinity might work in your context.

If you are seeking information about new monastic community residential opportunities in new or existing communities, please see the residential scheme.

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