Communities involved

Communities that have made vows

The Wellspring Community, Peckham , UK, May 2018
St Thomas Pilgrimage Community, Ipswich, UK January 2018

Communities who are in formal discernment/process

Community of Christ the Servant, Brixton UK
St Thomas Community, Derby UK

Communities that have expressed an interest in getting involved

Caritas Community, Guernsey

Pioneers exploring setting up communities in the UK

Rob Ryan, Vicar & Pioneer, Diocese of Chelmsford, UK
Ned Lunn, Vicar & Pioneer, Diocese of Sheffield, UK
Aaron Kennedy, Associate Vicar & Pioneer, Diocese of London, UK
Karen Ward, Priest & Pioneer, The Beloved Community, Ecumenical Community of the Episcopal Diocese of Portland Oregon, United Methodists, USA
Adam Bucko, Priest & Pioneer, Cathedral Church for the Diocese of Long Island, USA


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