NM Residential Scheme

A number of the constituent communities offer the opportunity for those who want to go deeper. This usually involves the offer of a room within a shared house with either no or a low fee to cover costs, in exchange for the giving of time to serve aspects of the worship, mission and community life of the local new monastic community. This is an opportunity to test vocation in the area of pioneering, community organising and traditional forms of Christian ministry. The various opportunities are listed below. Although not a paid positon there is a role description. The expectations will therefore vary relating to the context of each specific community. Most will expect the individual to have part time or full time employment to financially sustain themselves.

Wellspring Community Peckham/East Dulwich South London, UK

The Wellspring Community are currently looking to find two people for two residential opportunities to expand the Wellspring Community into a shared house to expand the activities of the community into the Parish and Copleston Centre of the Diocese of Southwark. This is a really exciting opportunity.

Role expectations:: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qrpnx15SMDfzixurJeHVxpGRq8R0kr87/view?usp=sharing

Rhythm of Life (to be adapted for Copleston community): https://www.wellspringpeckham.net/rhythmoflife/

For more information or to express an interest please contact Edward the Sub-Prior to the Community by emailing him here.

St Thomas Pilgrim Community, Ipswich, UK

The Community is seeking individuals who maybe interested in residential opportunities in the Parish of St Thomas Ipswich. The role will be to assist the community to develop and deepen its worship mission and community life. For more information please email Jutta the leader of the community by clicking here.

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